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Illegal Drive: City on Fire

The city is not as safe as it use to be as there are lots of cars parked everywhere. There are also cars being driven anywhere you go and their number seems to be growing as with the time. And since the buildings are so close to one another, a fire could quickly spread and it would be hard for the fire department to control it. Not a place for someone, who is use to the race track like you are. But, you know that this city won't be complete without all the excitement, so you drive your car anyway. Sure, there would be lots of problem, but anyway, those cops won't be able to catch you. In this game, you need to drive like there is no tomorrow since the game is all about speed. You would be driving your car in the city, but no worry since there would be no cops to catch you. You can destroy the other vehicles that is blocking your way. Leap over from one place to another without a problem. Use your booster to get faster by the second. Grab some coins as you can use it to upgrade your car.