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Jumping Rednecks

The rednecks are one of the history's most toughest group and is certainly among the bravest even today. They are considered dangerous, but they won't kill if you are not considered as one of their enemies. These rednecks have their belief and they die and live by that belief.

In this game, you won't need to worry about dealing with this troublesome bunch as you are just going to drive a truck. In fact, you are one of them and that certainly would save you from their wrath is there are any. The idea here is to drive your truck to the required speed limit so that you can reach the other side without crashing. After you succeeded in reaching the other side. The truck must stop on its own or it would crash on the wall. As you push forward with the game, you will be amuse since you will be encountering different animals, which are part of the redneck's life. However, the obstacles are just the same and you will still jump to the other side and stop at the right time. Don't worry about getting sued since no one will sue in this game. Just focus on the task at hand and you will get far in this game.