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Jurassic Hunter

It's like a blast in the past as the dinosaurs are slowly returning. Right now, they are just in one small island, but as they keep on coming back, more and more islands are occupied by these terrible lizards. No one knows what is happening and what makes them return to our world. One thing is certain, that they will rule the planet once again if they keep on returning. And this is something that the hunters' can't let go as they capture some dinosaurs. of course, they make some money in the process, but capturing and killing the dinosaurs will at least reduce their numbers and possibly prevent them from dominating the world again.

The pedal is stuck and you can't do anything about that. You just need to make sure that you keep on driving. You vehicle will explode once that the you use the last remaining fuel you have. You would need to perform some stunts to activate the booster, which will propel you a lot faster. You will earn money based on the distance you traveled and you can also grab the money that lies on the road. There are also some fuel on the road sometimes. Those dinosaurs will not slow you down even if you bump into lots of them.