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Just Park it 4

Trucks are one of the hardest vehicle to park because of the huge trailer. And that is a pack, so whenever a truck is being parked, better stay away from it so you won't get an accident. Most of the time, the driver can't see the sides or the back so anyone passing by should need to stay away from it while the driver maneuvers his truck. Whenever, there are huge truck on the road, other vehicle owners fear that they might get hit. The truck is simply too big, but since it is used to deliver lots of cargo, government allows it.

In this game, you will experience ow hard it is to park a huge truck. You will understand the danger that truck poses on the road. You need to do it as fast as possible. Try not to hit anything on the road or the side of the road because it will also damage your truck. You will not only park your car once, but twice. That means that is twice difficulty. After you finish maneuvering your truck to the parking area, you'll need to move your truck out of it and go on to the net parking space.