Long Bus Driver 2

A bus rider is an honorable job and that is one that you should be proud of since you are not only helping people go to their destination, you are also helping the different sectors of the country to prosper. Without them, how can the employees go to where they want to be? Left alone, they need to go to their work place. Sure, there are other options, but they would be left with a few options. This is the reason is why being a bus driver is great way to make a living. You would earn base on the number of people you are able to send to their destination.

After graduating from college, you are having a hard time to get a job. You have the diploma, but the problem is that most of them are searching for experience. Your friend have a taxi so he let you drive it for a few months. When you heard about the news that Bus Company is need of a bus driver, you just knew that the time is now and you would be earning more. You go to the company and you got the job because you have the experience and the knowledge to drive the bus. Now, you are ready for the road and all you need to do is to send the people to their destination.

In this game, the idea is to park the bus to where it is needed. First, you got to there to that spot. Don’t worry about nor finding the right spot since you would be guided and ll you need to do is to follow the arrow. You need to avoid colliding with other vehicles on the road since that would damage your bus. When the bus can’t take it anymore then it would explode and that is the end of the game.