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Mario Hummer

Mario is now wealthy guy as his business has grown. He was a truck drive and his business was to deliver some goods to the Mushroom kingdom. And since he was once the hero of the kingdom, the mushroom people trusted him and in time, his earning has grown. That happened since he got the trust of the people and he never takes advantage of them. Now, as a wealthy guy, Mario just want to enjoy his life, but he can't enjoy his truck without his truck. Recently he bought a monster truck, to which he uses to travel the rest of the kingdom.

Drive the truck as fast as you can, but always practice some safety precautions whenever you are driving. The idea here is to reach the flagpole as fast as you can, but you can't reach it if you have an accident. Grab as many stars as you can since these starts are equivalent to the points. You have 10 lives in this game and you don't need to use them all if you can reach the flag pole in one piece all the time. The game gets tougher and tougher as you make some progress.