Mario Tractor 3

Mario has been around for ages and most of the people he had known are all old now and has their own family. Like them, Mario got a family too and he need to take care of them, so Mario bough himself a tractor and start tilling the land with it. With the till land, he is able to plant some vegetables, which he sells in the market. Overtime, he was able to bought some chickens and other farm animals for consumption and selling. With the money that he had raised, he was able to send his children to the best school. Also, he now have a two story house, where he currently resides. His stature now is truly far from the hero he was known when King Kuppa still rules the land.

In this game, Mario is using his tractor to collect some of the gold coins that can be seen in the mushroom kingdom. These gold coins aren't that easy to find, but Mario has a long story in the mushroom kingdom, so finding it is not that difficult to Mario. The idea here is to collect as much gold coins and reach the finish line without crashing. There is a minimum amount of gold coins that you must reach to be able to proceed to the next level.