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Material Moles 3

If you have been working for a while then you probably know how hard it is to keep your job. You need a lot of patience because there are work hazards all around you. Well, if you are working on a white collar job then you might not face working hazards, but you are probably having a hard time with some of your office mates. For a blue collar job, the stress is double since they are not only facing some of the co-workers, but also health hazard, which might send them to the hospital. That is why; it is important that you are alert on the job as you might get into an accident.

This game represents how working in a blue collar might incur an accident. In this game, you are a mole, who is working in a mining company. Everything around you might be a threat since there might be some falling debris, so you need to be alert. There are also other material that would boost your income. Wait till all of the cargo are all loaded at the back of the trailer before driving the tractor. This game has a time limit as the fuel is limited. You need to get to the warehouse before your fuel are all gone.