Military Monster Truck

In any organization, any job is important. Different jobs has its pros and cons, you just need to find out about the positive aspect of your job so you can love it more. Don't try to outdo others as they have a different job from yours. Usually, that is the start of mistrust among you. Just concentrate on your job and you will see that your job is just as interesting as others. Same thing in the military, aside from the ones that fights in the battlefield, other soldiers have different roles, to which they should need to hug and do with love. They need to be dedicated to their work or the whole operation fails. A mission can't be done by a man alone, he needs his buddies that have a different assignment. Each one must do their job properly so that the mission will have a large chance of success.

In this game, you are a truck driver for the military. However, you won't be driving any of those truck that you see on the battlefield. You need to test drive a monster truck that the army recently acquired. This will greatly improve the performance of the army as it can pass in some path that can't be pass by most vehicle. The idea of this game is to get to the destination before time expires. Unfortunately, time is not on your side as it is very short.