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Monster Constructor

A construction company would hard a hard time building those tall buildings if weren't a truck driver since there would be no one to drive those trucks. Getting a license as a truck driver would not be as easy as most driver license. It is the highest form of license, well, at least on the road. You can't easily get it unless you have proven yourself and pass lots of test. Not everyone could easily drive a truck since it is harder to control than most vehicles. You might easily get a driver's license for a car, but you can't expect to get a truck's driver easily.

Enough with the license, in this game, you are the truck driver and your job includes picking up some material and delivering it to the construction site. You need to drive the truck carefully, but try to do it as fast as possible since there is a time limit. Each task would be different since this game is focus about construction work. The idea in this game is to deliver the material, but sometimes you would need to transport another vehicle, but you would use the truck to deliver it. You are not going to drive the other vehicle since you would need to put that up in your truck. Don't worry, you would not need to put it up personally.