Monster Hill Ride

Cars competing in a race is just a common thing, but we can’t deny the danger that it included. Of course, you might not get scared since you are just watching at the comfort of your own home in front of your television. However, even the drivers are scared of what might happened to them during the race. They know the dangers of driving fast and they have done it a hundred of times, but the danger is always there. If there don’t fear it, which would be their problem since that is the start of being carefree. In a race, when you are carefree, you would someday get an accident. Not saying that it won’t happen if you are not carefree. Just saying that being prepared mentally and physically would reduce the accident.

If you think that a race is already hard then you need to hear of monster truck racing in a mountain. For sure, it is the most dangerous race that you would ever take part if you like to race. Fortunately, there are no such thing and we can only see those on games and on the cartoons. You can do anything in a video game since you don’t need to fear dying. You can do it over and over again till you are good.

In this game, you need to beat the other participants. You need to arrive to the finish line before the others to unlock the next level. The game gets harder and more challenging as you make some progress. Try to remember that you need to balance the truck during a race. Whether you are in the mountain or a regular road, you would need to do that often to get ahead of the other racers. Like in the real world, if you can’t control your truck you would have an accident.