Monster Ride

A race is always exciting and those, who watch it also gets excited, but the one that gets excited the most of the driver. Besides these guys are speed demons and they don't care much about their health. Actually, they do care about their health since they are always taking care of their body. Having a fit body is vital for a race driver since they need the energy to act fast. If they can't act fast then all will be lost before they know it. They can instantly lose their life. But, the way they are putting their lives in danger makes you think that they don't care about their health.

Drive the truck as fast as you can till you reach the finish line. Grab as much as many coins that you can while you are at it. Those coins can be use to buy a better and faster truck. It is important that you finish each level as fast as you can as you won't be allowed to race in the next level if you can't meet the required time. There will be different seasons in the game and you can only unlock another season once you finish all the levels in one season.