Monster Truck Demolisher

This truck is a Monster Truck! It has been developed to demolish everything with its giant wheels and motor. It crushes all obstacles from the front and comfortably exceeds with its size.

You should be the winner of the game by completing all the stages with this Monster Truck. At the first of the game, there are 2 colors available for your truck. This trucks have different techniqe details from eachother. You should start the game by choosing one of these trucks. When you comlete the stages, other trucks with developed options will be available. So you can complete faster and have effective races.

You can control the your truck with "ARROW" Keys. You must demolish and bomb all the things you came across. So you can get higher points.

In addition, you can jump over the obstacles which you can not pass easily with "SPACEBAR". And it provides you to reach higher points. There is your bonus points which decreases with passing time.

The earlier you finished the stage, yhe higher bonusses you get.

And finally one more thing. The other point you should pay attention is your energy. It lys at the top-left corner of the screen. Use your energy carefully. If it ends, the game overs, too. Have fun with Truck Games