Monster Truck Jungle Challenge

Monster trucks are common on the mountain as the vehicle are made for such environment. However, even a monster truck doesn't deserve to be use in a place like that of a jungle since there are no roads in there. It would easily took damage since there would be lots of obstacle anywhere you go. Also, the jungle is filled with old landmine since that is where the rebels and soldiers where hiding during the world war 2. Governments are trying to get all of it, but since there are too much; it would took a lot of time to get most of the landmines in the area. That is a threat that anyone or anything for that matter faces as they delve into the dark forest.

Drive your truck as fast as you can till you reach the finish line. That is the main idea, but since this game is so tough, it is better if you take it slow, so you can minimize the damage that your truck might took. Whenever you see a landmine, blast it with your gun. Collect some ammo and extra life while driving along the way, you would be needing it.