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Monster Truck Zombies

Zombies are a menace to society, but we don’t have to worry about that since those monsters are only seen on television. At least, that is what most people thinks as they aren’t aware that there are some mad scientist living among us. Those scientist would do the most extreme and dangerous stuffs just to get what they want. One scientist that goes by the name of Dr Frankenstein invented the first modified man in the form of the monster Frankenstein. He collected several corpse from the graveyard and put them together in one big corpse. He use lighting to give life to hi abominable creation.

However, he isn’t alone around the world as there are more that aren’t well knows. Well, I doubt that they want to be known at all since they just want to give life to their love ones. We don’t what causes of his love one to die, but one thing is for sure. She would be back as a monster. He was able to give life to the dead corpse with his formula, but something was wrong. He wasn’t responding to anything at all. When he got too close, the corpse suddenly attack him. This is the first zombie and in time, more zombies have shown up since they can reproduce simply by biting other people.

In this game, there are zombies everywhere and you would need to get to the finish line. There aren’t any zombies in the first two level, so you wouldn’t need to worry about them for a while. But, as you move forward, the zombies would be there so try to play extra careful. The challenges would be much difficult. You would need to grab the stars on each level. Your score would correspond to how many stars you are able to grab.