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Non-Stop Zombies

When the zombies came to town, no one was prepared, so to say, they have eaten most of the people. As if that is not bad enough, those people that got killed in the first wave have joined the zombies. In short, they have become one of the zombies that we need to avoid. The more people that they killed, the more zombies that we need to fear. There are quite a few lucky survivors that have evaded them and you are one of them. It must be your driving prowess that enable you to avoid those undead all this time, but if they catch you then you would be their next meal.

Somehow, some of those zombies have learned to drive a truck and now, you are being chase by one of those trucks. Your only option is to drive fast and try to escape. However, there are zombies on the road that might slow you down. To make sure that they can’t slow you down. You need to shoot them in the brain as that is the only way that they can be killed. You know that you can’t be delayed as the zombies that on the truck are ruthless and would kill you just to eat you.

In this game, the idea is to escape the zombies on the truck. Remember that you don’t want them close to you as they would surely reach out for you to feed on you. However, that won’t be easy since there are lots of zombies on the road. Each zombie that you killed would make you money. The money would be useful since you can use it to buy better vehicle. Of course, it would make it easier for you to evade the zombies on the truck. However, the game becomes harder and more challenging as you make some progress.