Off Road

If you are looking for excitement then the main road is not for you. That is the road that those boring people go since they know that they are safe. Despite the traffic and the accidents happening there sometimes, it is still the safest path that you can take since there are all sort of rules and regulations. Of course, those rules will be useless if there are no people that are implementing it. Those are the police and traffic authorities that are implementing the rules. The main road will be a disaster if it wasn't for them.

In this game, you won't be needing to use the main road and you can thank the developer for that. You'll be using the off road. The rule of the game is collect the required amount of collectibles within the minimum time frame. If you can't do that then you can't proceed to the next level. Drive your truck as fast as you can because there is a time limit that you need to beat. Try to avoid those trees and rocks that are scattered all over the the off road because it will delay you. If you run you of time without completing the task then you fail the game.