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Old City Parking

If we want to drive any vehicle then we do need to learn how to properly park it. This might sound easy and therefore doesn't need to much attention, but this is something that would be useful to us. In an old city, wherein there are lots of vehicles, it would help you if you can drive well and park it to an open spot. Those open spots are often paid, but at least, it could give you a sound mind as you know that your vehicle is protected. You don't have to worry about thief driving your vehicle out of the yard as it is under the protection of the building management. Sure, there is a fee, but hey, everything is not free in this world.

Drive your car and follow the arrow to your destination. The arrows would lead you to an open parking space thus you need to follow it. Once, you found the open space, carefully drive your vehicle to the parking space, but the game doesn't stop there. Most of the time, you would need to park it twice. Honestly, it won't be that easy since those parking slots are not easy to find since they are quite afar from one another.