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Over The Rock

Graduating from college doesn’t meant that you would be successful in life, but one thing is certain, you would have an advantage overt eh others. Your first job isn’t that great since you have to work in a fast food chain and there is nothing wrong with that. We have to start from the lowest so that we could go on and get to where we want to be. That is the fact of life and everyone is undergoing that, but as you grow old, you need to understand that you need to improve your stature in life thus, you need to upgrade your skills. There are some many things that you could learn, but driving is just the one for you.

You are not interested in driving just any vehicle as you like driving the biggest, so you started as a porter and from then on, you learn how to drive trucks. After your contract, you have tried driving several trucks and your experience escalates. Your level of driving improves and it time, you found out about monster trucks. You through to yourself that you should try it sometimes and there is nothing wrong with that. Upon entering the world of monster trucks, you immediately found out that it is nothing like the usual trucks that you have driven before, but you are here now and you can’t turn your back.

In this game the idea is to get to the finish line safely. You need to make sure that you won’t have an accident along the way. The road ahead is full of mountain and it would be dangerous for anyone that doesn’t have the experience. You need to grab the stars along the way to additional points, but always try to control your vehicle at all time to avoid some accidents. The game gets more challenging as you make some progress.