Parking Worldwide

For some people, parking their car anywhere doesn't seem to be a problem as they are already masters of their craft. At least, that is what most of us think about them. In reality, they are having a goose bump whenever they are going to park their cars in tights spot since they know the dangers that they might be facing. They might lose their life if they got an accident. While most people think that is all the danger that a driver is facing everyday while driving their car, there are still more such as hitting someone while driving. All of the said incident can be avoided if the driver would drive carefully. Though, some drivers are arrogant and think that an accident won't happen to them, it is still nice to know that there are some drivers that still care about themselves and to the lives of others on the road.

In this game, you need to maneuver your car all the way to the parking area. You need to try to maneuver it without getting an accident. There are no time limits in this game, so take all the time to make it work. You need to park your car twice and then head on to the finish line in order for you to move on to the next level.