Patrol Truck

Earth is under attack as the aliens that are watching us from above since mankind have been developing now wants to conquer and live on Earth. All seems to be lost as the technology of the world is out of date compared to the alien's technologies. The world is in peril and mankind is now on the brink of extinction. Lots of people are now praying for their sins so that they would be saved. But, a group of scientists unleashed their creation that would fight the aliens from out of the sky. They have created a truck that would destroy flying saucers right of the sky. Now, mankind has a fighting chance as this truck is equip with the latest technology that is a match to those of the aliens' technology.

The game is played via mouse. You need to move the mouse to move the truck from left to right. Click the left button to fire the rockets at those space ships. You can't control, where the rockets are fired, fortunately the trucks seems to have unlimited ammo. Destroy all the space ships to proceed to the next level. Once that you got hit by one of those ship, your truck explode. The idea here is to keep on firing while avoiding those too close to the ground.