Pickup Truck Winter Parking

It is Winter and most of the people don't want to go outside because it is too cold outside and it would be tough to walk, or even drive a vehicle on such condition. But, as an adult, you can't let that dictate what you should do since you need to go to places. You need to go the office, grocery and a lot of place and you can't simply let something like winter to stop you from going there. The only bad side is that there would be more danger since the road is too slippery and you might get an accident because of that.
In this game, you need to park your truck twice and get to the exit point to finish one level. Driving won't be easy since the road is slippery and this might cause the truck to get out of control. You need to drive with safety in mind as you could get an accident easily in this game. The game becomes harder and harder as you move from one level to another. Try not to collide with anything along the way. Sure, that won't be easy, but that is the danger that a normal people go through everyday each time they are taking their vehicle on a snowy drive.