Pimp my Truck

If you know how to drive a car and think that you can drive anything then you need to try to truck driving as you might not get a license for it. It is very different and known how to drive a car might not get you even close to driving truck. A truck is much bigger, therefore it is much harder to control along the driveway. You might get into trouble since you wouldn’t be able to control it that easily. Next time, someone ask you if you can drive a truck, you would say that you won’t pass to drive it.

A truck need one of the highest form of license and it won’t be that easy to get it. If you remember when you were applying for a car license, you would need to pass the driving license, else you won’t get it. Fortunately, there are many ways to train yourself driving a car. You can be a porter and ask the truck driver to teach you. Of course, you need to be friend with him. Another way is for the company to find an instructor that would teach you how to drive. The moment when you learn how to drive a truck is the moment that you can apply for the job.

In this game, you won’t be dealing with driving a truck so no need to get a license, but you need to build your own truck. No, you don’t need to by the arts as that is free in this game. You just need to put to where it belongs and you would be going out a happy man. There are no timer in this game and you can pay it as long as you want or as long as you get satisfied with your masterpiece. The game can only be played with a mouse.