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Police Car Parking 2

As a cop, you need to abide the law since you are the one that is enforcing it. If you can't do that, then how can you expect others to respect you. you should know that people would respect you if you are able to follow your own rule. That way; they would be gladly to obey the rules since they see you as a role model. That is a great way to be admire and not enforce fear into the hearts of many. It would not only seal your reputation as a righteous man, but your children as well. Others would see your family as a role model and thus; they would be respecting your family.

In this game, you need to park your car twice and get out of there to finish a level. The game would be harder as you make some progress, but you need to do your best not to let your car gets damage. There are other vehicle in the area. While some are parked, there are others that is being driven. You would not want to bump into any of them since that would damage your car too. If it gets too damage then you fail.