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Postman Pat Special Delivery

Postman Pat has been in the industry of delivering mail to our door for decades and that is why, he is well-respected. Whenever there are mails around, you can bet on it that he would be the one doing the delivery. He is one dedicated guy to his job and he has lots of friends. They all like him since he acts as their big brother and would often give them some wise counsel every time they would need it, provided that Pat has the time. It he don’t have time then he would just tap you at the back, letting you know that he is always there.

His job is to deliver mails and he would surely like to reach you in the shorter amount of time. He isn’t asking for something as that is his duty and he likes what he is doing. Aside from the fact, which he is getting paid for doing it, he gets to enjoy the scenery as he travels on his truck. Sure, this is not a high-paying job that would give you lots of money, but the satisfaction is always there as you would get to see the happiness in their faces every time you deliver some mails for them.

In this game, you are Postman Pat and it is your job to deliver those mails in s fast as you can. However, you can’t deliver them if you have an accident on the road, so you need to make sure that you won’t have an accident. There are 9 levels in this game and you need to make sure that those letters get to their destination. Make sure that they won’t fall out of your truck. There are no timer in the game, so you are not force to get there as fast as you can, but it won’t hurt if you want to.