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Prison Bus Driver

Mexico is home to some of the toughest and the roughest people in the world. That only means that most of the people there are not scared of the law and that makes them the most fearsome group of people in the world. Most of the people there have some criminal records.

You are a prison bus driver and it is your job to transport these convict to the trial court. You need to do your job smoothly or the prisoners will get irritated and escape your bus.

The idea of the game is to transport some convict to the trial court safely. First, you need to get to the jail to get those prisoners on board your bus. Drive as fast, but as safe as you can till you reach the trial court. If you are not careful enough then the bus might crash or the prisoners will get angry and might start a riot inside your bus. Some of the folks nearby are throwing some explosives, which can damage your truck. Try to avoid these explosives, but if you can't do that, then just to try to limit the damage to your bus. You will be paid after every successful transport, so you can use it to upgrade your truck.