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Race to park

Anyone who want to park their car better not try not to do it fast as that would result to some accident. And that would be something that you might regret later. You could lose your life or endanger the lives of others if you are in a hurry. Parking a vehicle should not be done in a hurry since there are other vehicles that are parked in a parking area. You don't own the parking space, so you need to abide by the rule and make the most of what is available for you. There might be some parking fee, but it is at the minimum.

However, in this game, you would need to park your car as fast as possible since there is a time limit and you don't want to hit the time limit. Besides, you would get more point for parking your car as fast as you can. Also try not to hit anything as that would allow you to get another star. The game would be harder and more challenging, but that is what the excitement is all about. You would need to park your car several times to be able to get to the next level.