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Report for Duty

When times are tough and the country is out of control, the presidents send in some soldiers to control the situation. These soldiers are ready to die for the good of the country. But, that don't mean that they should as they are considered heroes. They should be save if they can be saved. Not all people are wiling to sacrifice their lives for the good of the country and losing these soldier is a big blow in the military. That is why; there are rescue mission conducted in every war situation. The government knows that these soldier can serve them more if they are alive and well.

You are part of the rescue team and you need to save all the remaining soldiers in the battle field. As you successfully save these soldiers your ranking will be promoted to an even better rank. But, that won't be easy since you need to save the soldiers before time expires or you and the soldiers will be left alone in the field. If that happens, you can consider yourselves a dead man since rescue team will take some time before they can go back again. You will need to survive for a long time before someone will come to save you.