The world has turned its back on you before and now you are out to get everyone that has done you wrong. However, you won't see anyone of them on the road since they are at the safety of their homes. You need to get your rage out and the easiest way to get it out is to cause destruction on the road. It doesn't matter on what is in the road as all you see is destruction. No one can stop you since you are a mad man that thrive for destruction.

Drive your truck as fast as you can and get to the finish line as early as you can. Nothing must stand between you and the finish line. Drive over the government's property, especially those traffic bots that ordered you to stop. The idea of the game is total destruction, so you need to give it. Perform some stunts, cause destruction, and long jumps for added points. The terrain is in the future , where the world has gone high-tech, but the terrain is pretty much dangerous than before since there are lots of broken bridge on the city.

It is time to cause havoc in the city!!!