Santa Gift Delivery 2

They say that one of the best jobs in the world is seeing others get what they like. The feeling is so fulfilling that it would fill you up in the long run. You know that you make someone else’s day and that would make you happy. The feeling that you help others is better than what you get when you get what you want. Material things aren’t a big deal and that those things could be lose while the ones that you would earn for doing a good deed would remain forever in the hearts of those who you’ve done good.

Santa knows this and that is the reason why he gave gifts all around the world every Christmas. He knows that he isn’t immortal, but in the eyes of those children who had made smile, he would be immortalize. He won’t be a god or something like that, but he would forever remain in their hearts. Santa uses his sled and his team of reindeers, but that was a long time ago and since everything now is almost high-tech. He would need to up his game. He acquire a truck that he can use in his gift giving. It is more reliable than his previous sled team of reindeers.

In this game, the idea is to get to the finish line in as fast as you can. There is a timer and you do need to beat the timer or at least get to where you would need to be before the time is up. If you fail then the game is over. You would need to get there no matter what happens. The game would be even more challenging as you make some progress. You could expect that it would be harder as you get a newer level.