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Squidward Tractor

Squidward is the opposite of Spongebob in almost everything. Spongebob is both a industrious and a role model employee while Squidward is the opposite as he always slack on the job. Spongebob is a fun-loving guy while Squidward is the grouch type of person. And there are more traits that they can be separated. Anyway, while Squidward was doing the best thing that he can do (nothing), Mr Krabs talk to him and told him to clean driveway as it is full of clutter. He need to send them to the city dump. Squidward can't say no since Mr Krabs is the best around there and saying no might mean getting fired.
The idea of the game is to drive the tractor and plow the trash into the dump site. This game is not time restricted, so do your best to plow all the trash in the area. You don't need to hurry as you just need to make sure that the area is all cleaned up. The plow is adjustable and is there to make sure that there won't be any trash left. If you miss a trash then you just need to drive backwards and you will see the plow adjusting itself.