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Stuck in Traffic

We all know that being stuck in traffic is no joke and the problem is even greater since there are other drivers that are hot-headed. You don't want to be in that situation, so you tend to go away from it. The problem is that it is not easy to find another route, especially since you are stuck in traffic. It would be hard for you to get out of that tight spot. There is a way out for sure, but it won't be easy and you might found your car full of scratches all over. Then again, you won't get out of traffic is you are not willing to gamble.

The scenario in this game is that you are stuck in traffic and you need to get out of it to be able to park your car. However, that won't be easy, especially since there are lots of car on the road and getting out of the road would put your car in danger. Anyway, you don't have an option since the game is about parking your car and you would need to get out of traffic if you want to do that. The game doesn't have a time limit, but you would benefit more if you are able to park your car the soonest.