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Super Car Parking

Even if you think that parking is easy, you should not be at ease whenever you are on the road because an accident is bound to happen the minute that you lower your guard. It means that you need to be on alert mode all the time because one accident is all it takes to lose everything in your life. That is the reason, why those expert racers are always practicing and they are always glad to be alive. But, if you think that this is not applicable to you since you are not a racer, better think again as this is applicable to anyone, who owns a vehicle that they uses on the road.

In this game, you need to park your car six times to be able to get to the next level. There is a time limit, you need to get going one after the other. As if driving won't be hard already since there are lots of car parked in the area, a police car is patrolling the ares and they aren't going to stop at anything. They would run over you if you are on their way. You need to avoid colliding with anything since that would damage your car and you can't finish the game if your car is all wreck up.