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Super Mario Truck 2

Mario becomes super every time; he touches a special flower in the Mushroom Kingdom. He used this flower to overthrow the evil King Kuppa off the land of the mushroom people. Now, things are quieter and there is no more need to be a hero, but people still remember him as their super hero. However, Mario knows that won't feed his family and he also don't want to depend on the people too much. He bought himself a truck to start his delivery service company. He gets paid after he delivered the item, so he knew how important it is to take care of the cargoes. He knows that his client won't come back if he loses some of the cargoes. Even if, he is superhero, that won't make him immune to such thing.

The idea of the game is deliver the required number of items to its destination. It is important that you not lose any of the item, but if that can't be help then just proceed with the delivery because you can't do anything about it. Wait for the items to be loaded at the back of the truck before going on your way. You only need one item to pass a level, but more items delivered means that you would get the new truck at an earlier time.