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The Last Stand

Life is precious and we should not throw it away even if we aren't happy anymore with our lives. we must keep on living as tomorrow might bring us new hope. In a world devastated by the undead, one thing is important and that is to keep a positive attitude even if you aren't seeing some signs of getting a better life. You need to keep your sanity and find other survivors like you. Only by helping one another, you would be building your own community and go on with each of your lives.

This is a shooting game and the idea here is to keep on shooting till there are no zombies left. Well, at least for the night as tomorrow is another day and you would need to protect your barricade all over again. After the battle, you would have time to repair your barricade, find other survivors and more weapons. All of these need time, so you need to budget the time you have left in you. If you manage to find a survivor then you would have someone to help you to protect the barricade. You can't equip them weapons, but you would be lucky if you manage to find someone who owns a powerful weapon.