Top Truck 2

The constant racing branch integrated with adrenalin and excitement is Monster Truck Games. We are proud to publish this game for you with the privilege of Truck Games. We drive so huge and powerful trucks with their big engines and wheels. So you can blast all the cars. All these trucks are different from each other and all of them are powerful. Just choose your truck, be ready for the race. There are 2 different game modes. In first game type, you try to overcome all obstacles like steep hillsides, small mountains and more. There are too many and hard obstacles that our monster trucks slog on. Don't forget from the obstacles. Because you truck is strong and your driving skills are perfect. You can overcome all of them.

How To Play the Game?

It is all easy! Just wait the game loads. Then click on "PLAY" button. There are 2 different options. These options are "START" and "ZOMBIE MODE". After choosing our Monster Truck, if we click on "START" button, we see the normal chapter. In this chapter, try to overcome the obstaclles and other cars. But if you select "ZOMBIE MODE" and then click on "START" button, you are going to see the ZOMBIE CHAPTER.

Game Controls:

RIGHT ARROW KEY: Lift Ups front of your truck


LEFT ARROW KEY: Lift Ups back of your truck

DOWN ARROW KEY: Brake and Stop

Have fun with Truck Games