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Tow Truck Operator

The Tow Trucking industry seems to be one of the most booming business since there would be always broken vehicles for you to tow. Most of the time, such vehicles are old and they would just won't work suddenly at the road. This causes problems for other drivers and the government didn't like it. Whenever that happens, business are halted since some important people can't go to their office and this won't be good for the business. Fortunately, there are towing companies ready to help fix the problem by removing the broken vehicles on the road. However, there are also times when there is an accident and that would be more disturbing to anyone seeing the accident.

Drive your towing truck to the scene and park your truck to the parking slot. Usually, you need to park it accordingly since you will need to fix the broken vehicles at the back of your truck. After fixing the broken vehicle at the back of your truck, you need to drive it as carefully as you can till you reach the destination. This mean that you need to make sure that nothing happens to the truck and the vehicle. The timer is not necessary as you would just get additional points for parking it faster.