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Toy Monster Truck Trip

Working all day is too tiring, and that is why you need to unwind. If you are not going to do it then you would soon run out of enthusiasm going to your work. Surely, that enthusiasm would be notice as that is what keeps your interest in your job. Let’s have wakeup call as not every people can keep their enthusiasm in their job. At some point in their lives, they would lose interest and that is the time to look for another job. But finding another job is not easy, so finding something that would keep your enthusiasm is much better than finding another job.

You have been working in the office for quite some time now and you are getting tired of it, but you can’t retire as have a family to support. You need to find some ways to do that and the best thing that could do that to you is playing your old monster truck toy. It is kind of a childish game, but that is the only thing that keeps your enthusiasm. Your job means the whole world to you and this is the only way that you can keep up with your job as it is getting boring since you are doing the same stuff.

In this game, you would need to drive a toy monster truck to the finish line. You need to drive as fast as you can since there is a time limit and you don’t want the timer ends as that would end the game. You can upgrade your truck after every round, but you can do that if you are able to grab as much floating stars per round. It is converted to money which you can use to buy some upgrade for your toy truck.