Tractor Power 2

If you are working on a farm, a tractor is your best friend. Aside from the usual use of a tractor , which is for tilling the land, you can also use it for transportation. You won't need to buy any other vehicle since it is all around pretty much suits the lifestyle of a real farmer. That is what you need to consider when you are planing to become a farmer. Think, you can drive your tractor around the town then farming is just for you. Like any vehicle, you need to take care of the engine as it is crucial. Make sure that it won't overheat so it won't explode.

This game revolves around the idea of farming so we will be focusing on tractors. Drive the tractor as fast as you can till you reach the finish line. Try to crush the fruits and livestock on the road. The fruits and vegetables are easy to crush, but the livestock will run away once they heard the roaring of your tractor. However, they can't run away if you are running at top speed. They won't have a chance to run away. You will be unlocking more tractors as you progress in the game.