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Traffic Hazard

Everywhere you go, there would always be traffic. All you can do is to abide by the law, so you can limit an accident from happening. That way, you could come home safely. Accidents are bound to happen, but we could at least limit its occurrence when we are following road rules. Traffics are much high in the city than a town since there are more people living there, therefore, there are more people in the city than in a town. That is why, there are traffic police and traffic signs all over the place in a city.

The game can only be played with a mouse the idea here is not to limit the occurrence of accident. You need to prevent an accident from happening. It an accident do happen then the game is over. Click on the car to activate its booster, but you can't control a bus. You need to make sure that other vehicles on the area won't be in grave danger when a bus is around. The game gets harder and more challenging as you proceed from one level to another. This is a challenge and you should never give up or you end up as a loser.