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Truck and the Beanstalk

Jack is the son of a farmer. One day, his father told him to sell the cow to the market. Jack immediately went to the market to sell the cow, but while he was on his way, a mysterious appear out of nowhere and told him that he will buy the cow and pay him magic beans. jack didn't hesitate and sold him the cow for the magic beans. When he returned home, he showed the magic beans to his father, who got angry and threw the beans out of the window. Jack was angry and he felt asleep without eating anything that night. Morning came and there was a huge beanstalk besides their house.

This game is a version of that story and the idea here is to get to the beanstalk without crashing. First you need to collect the required number of magic beans before going to the giant beanstalk. As you progress in the game, so is the number of magic beans that you must collect. Drive your truck as fast as possible till you get to the giant beanstalk. Like any truck game, you must always put safety first. Those precautions will ensure that you get to the beanstalk safely.