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Truck Rush 2

Seasons change, but we need to adapt to it no matter how hard it is. Fortunately, we are made that way and we can always adapt to almost anything nature can throw at us. That is what we need to last in this world because everything is a struggle and we need to understand that in order to survive.

This is just like driving a truck since truck driver travels almost everywhere and in any season. They are able to last a long time in the road since their body are strong. This is how they live in.

In this game, you don't need to prove something, but one thing that you need is to survive any obstacle that the game throws at you. The idea here is to go to the other side of the blocks that are moving up and down. The faster you are able to get to the other side, means there would be more points for you. As you get from one level to another, you would notice that the obstacles gets harder and harder. The game is played with a mouse only. You need to press the left button to make it go forward.