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Ultimate Police Chase

Some gangs are making the street their own, but the cops has something to say to it. They send in one of their best to fix the problems. the bad guys don't want to give the street up, so their struggle was met with brute force. Both cop and crooks aren't going to give up as both are determined to do their best to come up as the victors. Whoever wins has the right on the road. In this game of cat and mice, you would not want to lose for sure. Don't worry since there is some upgrades that can help you in your fight. You would need some money to buy those upgrades and the money can be pick up on the road. Grab as many money as you can while driving. There are other things on the road, but money would be the best to grab on the road since you can use it to purchase upgrades for your car. The game would only be more exciting since there would be more enemies as you make your progress in the game. You might want to upgrade your car as soon as you have the money since the game would be tougher as you make it to a more advance level.