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You and your friends are having a party when someone shouted zombies. Everyone panicked and when ask how many then the guy said, it is just. Everyone goes back to partying because this is not something to be alarm with. He just talk to the cleaner guy to ask him to clean the street. The cleaner guy quickly responded. Armed with a hose, the cleaner guy plush the zombies into the waiting spikes. The zombies were quickly dissembled upon hitting the spikes. Clearly, this is not something that everyone should be alarm at since the cleaner guy can handle the problem.

The game an only be played through a mouse and the idea is use to use the water pump to push the zombies into something that would kill them. Every level would be a different situation, so you need to asses the situation first. The time is ticking as the points that you would get dwindles every second. You need to act fast or there won't be none left. You need to look some clues on how you can use the environment to your advantage. Some zombies can't be reach and using the environment is your only choice to reach them.